st Mary mackillop


Blessed Mary MacKillop
Name: st Mary MacKillop of the cross
Birth: 25th January 1842
Death: 8th August 1909 (67)
Feast day: 8th August
Canonized: 17th October 2010
Miracle one-
A women living in the blue mountains in the catholic diocese of parametta has been revealed as the person Vatican says was cured by Mary Mackillops first miracle.
Miracle two-
In 1993 then aged 49 mrs Evans was diagnosed with cancer and given months to live but after returning home she was cured.
Basic information
Mary was the first ever Saint in Australia and also the only one ever. like always it took a while for it to be confirmed that she was officially a saint that was in 2010. 😀

Mary MacKillop, eldest of eight children was born in Brunswick street, Fitzroy in Victoria. Today there is a plaque set into the footpath marking the site. Mary’s parents Alexander and flora, were migrants from Scotland. Alexander a businessman went bankrupt through guaranteeing someone else’s loan, and so Mary and the rest of her family where raised in financial hardship. This experience made Mary very sensitive to the needs of other people, it also meant she went to work at a young age in order to support her family. At sixteen Mary became firstly a governess and the forewomen at sands and kenny stationers, a business that still operates toady as sands and Mcdougall.

Story of her life
Mary cared about the people who had no where to go and no one to look after girls and boys who roamed the streets, children in the country who had no school to go to, people who where old and sick and people who had no home. Mary wanted to help more than anything to help these people. Mary went to work as a teacher in a little country town in South Australia called Penola, there she met father Julian tenison woods who also wanted to do something for the poor children who had no money or anything or not able to go to school. Together in 1866, they began the first st Joseph’s school in an old stable on 19 March 1866. Mary started to wear a simple black dress and began the congregation of the sisters at Joseph of the sisters of st Joseph. Now as a sister she dedicated her life to doing gods work. In Adelaide they opened a place for women who had no where to live, an orphanage for children who had no parents to look after them and a house where poor people could stay.
She then died 8 August 1909.
Thank you for reading my information 😀

i choose this saint because she seems interesting and is the only Australian Saint, so I wanted to know more about her. Also because in grade 2 we talked about her and she just really inspired me.

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